Birgitta Wikström

Birgitta Wikström20 October- 5 November 2006

Birgitta, who teaches in the arts of form and painting at KV’s art school in Gothenburg, shows the audienses in Borås her paintings on paper and sculptures in different materials as bronze, wood and iron.

Birigitta Wikström got her education at Valand’s art school in the beginning of the 80’s, and her mainfield is paintings but also sculptures. She prefers materials she can handle in her own studio.

Birgitta Wikström writes herself about her exebithion “Livstycken”:

Essentially the pictures is about human strength and human exposure.

Unconditionallity and resistance.

Antithesis hard, closed, growing out of something.

In a try to give something it’s form, formulate me

around this, the images was created.

Torson’s shape have captured me.

The corset, the line of life that so beatuifully describes torson’s play of shape.

A piece of life.


Birgitta Wikström