17 May - 3 August 2008


22. Maria Miesenberg
Born in Svalöv 1965
Lives and works in Stockholm
Half an angel in bronze imagines a 6 year old girl, who supinely and unaware stretches her body.
One arm becomes a wing behind her head…

Title of work: Half an angel

Maria Miesenberg


 23. Gunilla Bandolin
Born 1954 in Köping
Lives and works in Stockholm
“I take an interest in how people make use of the exterior environment.”
Gunilla Bandolin

Title of work: Något mer än en tefatsbacke

Gunilla Bandolin


24. Eva Hild
Born 1966
Lives and works in Sparsör
“My aim is to give the visitor a visual, physical and emotional experience when they encounter my work; a sculptural room”.

Title of work: Loop



 25. Anders Hammarstrand
Born in Gothenburg 1955
Lives and works in Gothenburg
This work, never before exhibited, has been taking form during a period of eight years. The maine theme of the sculpture is humans three
predicaments; birth, reproduction and transience. The extremely polished surface of this figuration is not meant for outdoor use…

Title of work: Kvinna gör atavistisk odyssé innan tidens slut

Anders Hammarstrand


26. Sven-Erik Johansson
Born 1925 in Borås
Lives and works in Örby
“Maybe my works reminds of surrealism. It is free fantasies of form, constructions of dark and light,
but with a lot of recognizeable details in the composition.”
Sven-Erik Johansson

Title of work: Ryttaren


Sven-Erik Johansson


27. Christian Pontus Andersson
Born 1977 in Brattfors, Värmland
Lives and works in Stockholm

Guard for tears gives a hint of a new kind of human. It appears like a tense and androgyne intermediate form,
dehumanised and unemotional in its whiteness…Den uppträder som en stram och androgyn mellanform, avhumaniserad och känslokall i sin vithet…

Title of work: Guard for tears

Christian Pontus Andersson


28. Jacob Dahlgren
Born 1970 in Stockholm
Lives and works in Stockholm
The headmark of Jacob Dahlgrens is stripes, squares, rings or dots in bright colours. With his combinations of non-abstract
and abstract he is ranked as “concretist” and closely related to  Mondrian and de Stijl…

Title of work: The wonderful world of abstraction

Jacob Dahlgren

The exhibition was arranged by Borås Konstmuseum as a part of  BORÅS iNTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE FESTIVAL