Forces / Arts and Crafts

30 October – 1 November 2020
Friday 16-19, Saturday 11-16, Sunday 11-16

Arts and Crafts, MA2, Hdk – Valand

 Anja Fredell – Jie Zhou – Stina Edin – Statira Jazayeri – Ben-Hui Grace Wu – Subani Melin

Corona – in March, Hdk closed its workshops at short notice and all teaching was diverted to remote education according to the authorities’ recommendations. Of course, it was revolutionary for many of us. Arts and crafts as a subject are material-based and largely dependent on workshop equipment. Still – crafts are a force, a constant going on in most people’s everyday lives. Most of what we deal with in daily life has traces of arts and crafts: the things, the materials, the tactile, the fixed points in life that are anything but stable. Arts and crafts can serve as a fix point to rely on. Arts and crafts are a force, it is a solution-oriented practice that absorbs, reflects, processes and visualizes human experiences. Crafts as a subject are close to life.

Six students from the final year of the master’s program show the works produced in the shadow of the corona epidemic.

Anna T Wolgers
Professor textilkonst Hdk/Valand


Forces / Arts and Crafts