Miina Anahita

I spend almost all my time venturing into the hidden but not forgotten forests, meeting and interacting with its transgressive essence. I am called to meetings with the forest creatures up on the mountains and in the woods beside my croft.

I have patiently observed the streams quietly trawling through the forest landscape, walked many hours around the lakes and lurked on every secret path.

Under the protective darkness of the night forest, I lurk, seek and meet what I can see with the naked eye. But which is evoked through my camera. The sight that does not exist without the camera, without the image of them, is what bewitched me to investigate. I see my sculptures as an attempt to communicate a personal journey to an imaginary or temporary place where borders cease to exist.

My artistic practice manifests itself through the metamorphosis of the photographic image into photographic sculpture, which is shaped through a spatial and multimodal installation.

The spatial design gives form to bodily experiences of worlds, beings and things.

I search for the imaginary within, around, but above all beyond the representation of the depicted – belonging to the visibly unseen.


Miina Anahita