Sagit Paulsson/Jolanta Nowaczyk Perspective of silence

Perspective of silence

Jolanta Nowaczyk and Sagit Paulsson are artists who met by chance about 10 years ago, in Borås. Since then, their friendship has developed through life. Perspective of silence is their first exhibition together.

“Perspective of Silence”

explores changing perspectives on security, peace, and stillness, as well as how the environment shapes these feelings.

The artists S. Paulsson and J.Nowaczyk, originally from different countries and backgrounds, share a common history of growing up in noisy and chaotic environments.

The exhibition raises thoughts about where he can find his haven of peace and quiet. By exploring the artists’ background in relation to the current surroundings, the exhibition highlights the importance of the place for the experience of silence, creativity and peace. “

Sagit Paulsson

As an artist with a great social awareness, Sagit Paulsson comments on the direct and less direct effects of world and social experience on people’s lives and hers. Through automatism, a working method led by the artist, the audience becomes a co-creator in the artist’s exploration and development of a discourse about the quiet place in which he finds his creativity and security.

The choice of material and technology is based on the message and the experience and is usually expressed in the form of installations, images and performance. “Automation is a concept in modernist poetry and art. This means that during one’s creation one lets reason strike back to allow a release of a subconscious imagery. Incidentally, experiences of religious or spiritual automation have been documented since antiquity” wikipedia.

Jolanta Nowaczyk

Jolanta Nowaczyk, Polish artist, mainly focused on painting. In her works, she explores subjects related to the changes and impermanence of nature, strongly connected to human life.

The language of the images includes deep and sophisticated coloring, carefully adapted to the subject and enables the viewer to “enter” a dialogue with the artist.


Sagit Paulsson/Jolanta Nowaczyk Perspective of silence