Ruth Agassi (Israel)

Ruth Agassi-1

4 september – 20 september 2009



In the process of rearranging my archive, I found myself taking a closer look at my negatives.

Since the middle of 2008 I have carefully studied the frames that have been taken over the last twenty years, gradually making the transition from examining the soul, into a renewed examination of the substance (The negative).

I am regarding each frame as a shooting location, while creating a new narrative.

The body of work presented in this exhibition is the result of that process, combined with new work that has been done more recently. (During the last three years.)

My work is mainly influenced by the biographic and cultural landscapes of my childhood, and external influences derived from the literature and cinema worlds.

This is an attempt to merge all my worlds by crossbreeding deferent timelines, memory, the loss of it and reediting it all again.


Ruth Agassi-2

Ruth Agassi (Israel)