Birgit Brab (Germany): “point of view”

Birgit Brab

1 February - 17 February 2008

In my etchings, I work with forms and areas and their relation to space. Lived moments, situations are the starting-points or ideas for a form, which I then, looked at from a distance, convert into my own illustrating language.

My concentration lies on the essence of the moment. This shows in a simple and reduced, but condensed and in itself multiple form. I choose in order to focus the concentration on the shaped area as the essence of the work. This mode of expression signifies my search for continuity and reliability.

My techniques are working with acid („direct etching“, „aquatint“) and „carborundum“ (“glue aquatint”). Using these techniques I create different levels or spaces, I work into the metal and furthermore over and above the metal.


Birgit Brab (Germany): “point of view”